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The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Platform is a high performance product. High capacity servers with fall-back help guarantee 99.9% availability and exceptionally high speeds.
Implementation is complete within 24 hours. Reports are done in real-time. No time is lost through miscommunications because all users work in real-time on a central database.
Training is done online - the product comes with a set-up wizard so that the users can set up the product whenever and wherever they want. Upgrades are carried out once every quarter during the weekend. The users can already start working with the upgrades on Monday morning. Invoicing takes place very simply once a month for each user. No complexities. And no surprises. MaxCredible simply concentrates on developing and marketing the Customer Credit Management platform. No distractions caused by having to provide actual credit management services. MaxCredible partners/subcontractors are hired to do this. This results in MaxCredible reacting faster than any of its competitors.