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Partner services

Authorised MaxCredible partners can provide a range of credit management, financial, CRM, technology and consultancy services.

Below is a list of the services they can offer you. Contact us for further information!

Credit risk

- Acceptance, credit limits and company evaluation
- Acceptance and credit checks of private individuals
- Applying specific business rules for online sales
- Black and white-listing
- Online and real-time
- Full service factoring of consumer risks
- Credit insurance
- Purchase of debtor files


- E-billing, digital invoicing (in accordance with current legislation)
- Hard copy invoicing, giro collection forms
- Online copy invoice requests

Debtor management

- Service bureau for sending messages
- In and outbound calls
- Debtor monitoring
- Screening files
- Dispute management
- Online reports
- Credit manager secondment
- Generating call lists


- Amicable collections
- Legal collections
- Payment arrangements
- Purchase of receivables
- Online reports


- Payments via the web interface
- Ideal, credit card and other payment methods
- Reconciliation/matching payments
- Reports
- Order settlement


- Setting up workflow management
- Training courses
- Supporting implementation projects
- Credit scan/recommendations
- Custom developments

Do you have any questions about MaxCredible's partner services? If so, please contact us!