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Benefits of MaxCredible

MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Software helps you shorten the order-to-cash cycle and lower costs at the same time. MaxCredible uses fully web-based ASP software for this, which is also known as SaaS.


MaxCredible SaaS

Traditional Software



No investment required
No maintenance charges
Fixed monthly license per user


Completely web-based
Standard links to more than 450 bookkeeping software packages
Simple to import and export
Unique follow-up with profiles
Powerful segmentation
Partners can be given access
Comprehensive Risk Management
Simple connections to sales force and other departments
Automatic and secure backups
Latest updates installed directly on regular basis

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The attached benchmark indicates the quality of MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Software when compared with five of its competitors. The quality was tested on the basis of 121 customer benefits and 187 product features.

The conclusion was that the MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Software scored significantly higher in both areas The latest releases will increase the distance from its competitors even further. This is all aimed at supplying the best possible Customer Credit Management Software so that the DSOs drop even further and both customer and personnel satisfaction levels increase.
Download the benefits benchmark
Download the functionalities benchmark


The attached benchmark illustrates the positive effect of implementing MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Software. On average each customer reduced their DSO by 50%, had 50% fewer write-offs and lowered personnel costs in the credit management department by 50%.

Among the 15 customers included in the benchmark a total cash flow improvement of €11,000,000 was achieved, and with that savings of more than €500,000 on interest charges (based on 5% interest rate). More than €1,000,000 less was written off the debtors lists.
Download the results.