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Custom-build MaxCredible

MaxCredible Credit Management Platform

The MaxCredible Credit Management Platform is the most advanced credit management platform. It has many functionalities. Expensive custom-build is not necessary. Experience with various tests have demonstrated that virtually all the demands coming from prospects and customers are met by the platform.

MaxCredible product development

The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management platform is being continuously improved and expanded on the basis of both customer feedback and MaxCredible research department input. Specific requirements from prospects and customers are added to the standard product so that all the customers can benefit from the advantages. An upgrade is released every quarter. Prospects and customers are 'challenged' to suggest new functionalities. Thanks to the virtually unlimited possibilities of the MaxCredible platform it is very seldom that a specific demand cannot be met.

MaxCredible custom-build

Customer-specific demands that don't add any value for other customers are treated as custom-build. These are created under the supervision of MaxCredible's quality assurance control.

MaxCredible's approach

MaxCredible prospects can channel their specific demands via the MaxCredible account manager. They then indicate how the demand can be met. The account manager either indicates that the functionality is already available in the product, or that the specific demand is going to be included in the next release, or indicate the custom-build that is going to be created and how much it is going to cost. There is always a solution.

MaxCredible customers can pass on their specific demands via their MaxCredible helpdesk. The MaxCredible product development team gives their reaction within eight hours.