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Debt collection software

MaxCredible Collections provides comprehensive online debt collection software for debt collection agencies. Our debt collection software is based completely on ASP software, just like our credit management software. MaxCredible Collections is based on a CRM and sales module with all the flexibility to allow the customer to create the desired follow-up profile. Files can easily be imported directly in order to be followed up in the automatic process. Moreover, being a full web application, it also offers the possibility for the customers to become directly involved simultaneously. Ask for a free demonstration now!



  Credit Management solution for companies with large volumes of invoices
per user, per month
€ 199

Sales & Marketing

Extended customer relationship management (CRM)
Contact management and activity supervision
Document administration
Daily schedules and planning
Debt (collection) overview
Reports and performance monitor
Various indicators for operating proactively


Import/enter collection
Implement registration of collection actions
Enter payments (payments to customer)
Planning/implementing collection actions
Managing debts
Sharing information with customer team
Automatic actions
Transfer to next stage

Customer (principal) online

Inflow: submitted files
Outflow: closed files with balance code
Work in progress: active files with status

Legal department

Legal stage, collection functionality extended with third party entities, lawyers and bailiffs
Enter third party management costs
Contact and reports to and from third parties
File overview per bailiff and lawyer


Enter incoming payments (debt collection)
Compiling and submitting payments and costs into the financial system from the collection system




Application/system management functionality for administering users and authorisations
Maintenance of system values and variables