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Customer Credit Management Software Demos & Training

MaxCredible has a number of unique demos and training videos which will soon demonstrate what the software could do for your company. Our unique demos show the total state-of-the-art possibilities of the Customer Credit Management Software that allow you to automate and monitor your complete order-to-cash process resulting in earlier cash receipts and lower costs.

MaxCredible Introduction Video

Are you unfamiliar with MaxCredible and our software? In that case please watch the short introduction video in which we explain the advantages of our Customer Credit Management Software and what MaxCredible could do for your company.

Demo 1 – Determining your Customer Credit Management strategy

Are you interested in how to decide a Customer Credit Management strategy using our software? In that case watch the next video and go through our application so that you can experience the simple method MaxCredible uses to help you determine your Customer Credit Management strategy. The demo is specifically aimed at Customer Credit Management process leaders and management within your company.

Demo 2 – Create your personal customer database

With the extensively comprehensive customer database you always have a complete overview of what still remains outstanding and what has already been paid by the various debtors. MaxCredible software gives you a complete overview of the debtors position. The demo also shows you how MaxCredible can help you collect money faster and at lower costs.

Demo 3 – Deal with issues quickly and efficiently

The MaxCredible Customer Credit Management software also helps you deal with a range of issues. Thanks to improvements our software can bring to your company, your customers will have less reason for not paying on time. In the credit management process, MaxCredible makes it possible for you to involve the people who are responsible for the non-payment. This results in a clear lowering of the time taken by debtors to make payments.

Demo 4 – Obtain a clear overview with our reporting tool

Managing your Credit Management process is simplified with the graphs and diagrams provided by the MaxCredible Credit Management Dashboard. The demo shows you how simple it is to create reports about the information you require.

Demo 5 – Manage your contacts with the task list

Being able to make automated contact with your debtors by way of letters, emails, telephone calls and text messages forms an important part of the advanced MaxCredible software. This demo shows how to segment a contact, and how for each segment you can create a different contact approach in order to achieve the best results.

Demo 6 – Create dynamic and static reports

We see in this demo how you can manage and improve the credit management processes in your company by using reports.

Demo 7 – Connecting up the various mediums

With the MaxCredible CRS system it is possible to simplify the links between various mediums. The demo simply and clearly shows how to make these links.

Demo 8 - Links between financial records

In this demo we show you how to make a link between the various financial records of your customers. Moreover, we show you how to check the creditworthiness of customers. MaxCredible software provides a quick an simple solution for generating an overview of the unpaid entries in your customers' records.

Demo 9 – Install the correct certificates

Requesting the necessary certificates is essential with our Customer Credit Management software. This demo shows how reliably you can work with MaxCredible.

Please see our Product overview that describes the range of software versions.