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General terms & conditions

The general terms & conditions of ICT Office apply to all the services offered by MaxCredible B.V. being those filed at the Registry of the District Court in The Hague. A copy of these terms & conditions can be downloaded here.

Campaign conditions


1. The campaign conditions apply solely to the campaign in question: Receive €250 for each new bug you find.
2. The campaign applies to the MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Software, based on the Online version: MaxCredible V3.7.03.002.
3. The campaign runs until 1 June 2011 or until the MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Software is replaced by a new release issued by MaxCredible B.V.
4. MaxCredible B.V. retains the right to alter or terminate the campaign or the conditions attached to it, at any time.
5. The MaxCredible general terms & conditions apply to this campaign. See a copy of the General Terms & Conditions for further information.


6. We take pleasure in inviting all existing users of the MaxCredible Customer Credit Management Software to participate in this campaign.
7. Employees of MaxCredible are not permitted to participate in this campaign.
Identifying a Bug
8. Definition of a bug: The unintended operation of the software that causes a defect whereby the normal operation of the software becomes impossible.
9. The definition of a bug does not include an interruption resulting from circumstances that can be attributed to a Customer, including defects in the Customer's equipment or network. Neither does the definition of a bug include a breakdown that occurs as a result of an unstable network connection.
10. Reporting bugs may only take place within the agreed time frame in which the customer may contact the service department (09:00 to 17:00).
11. The bug must be reported to the MaxCredible customer support website ( and the information provided must be such that it is possible to easily reproduce the bug. The following information must be provided in order to comply with this requirement:
a. Description of what has happened.
b. What you were doing when it occurred.
c. Where you think the problems lies.
d. Where the error message is visible, please sent a Print Screen copy.

Payment €250

12. The person reporting the bug will receive €250 from MaxCredible B.V. on the account number known to MaxCredible for payment of the licensing fee, provided that the bug meets the terms and conditions of the campaign.
13. MaxCredible becomes the owner of the information regarding the bug as soon as it has been transferred.
14. Prizes not awarded for any reason, remain the property of MaxCredible B.V..
Final stipulation
15. These conditions are published on website address for the duration of the campaign.
16. If the participant wants to lodge a complaint, they should sent it in writing to MaxCredible B.V., for the attention of Yair Wazana, Koningslaan 34, 1075 AD Amsterdam, the Netherlands, or by email to: